Royal Crest Dentistry - Markham

Meet our Hygienists

Hi! We are Gwen, Francine, Wendy and Brigette. We will make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed while performing the required preventative services to bring out your best and healthiest smile. After your appointment, you can count on us to determine how to proceed on your journey to oral hygiene. Don’t shy away from asking questions about your oral health during this time because we are always here to help!

Royal Crest Dentistry - Markham

Meet our Dental Assistants

Hi! We are Aileen, Christine and Abegail and we are proud to be Royal Crest’s dental assistants. You can find us by Dr. Alwash’s side providing the necessary support to ensure your experience is as comfortable and efficient as possible. You can count on us to take your panoramic x-rays and input the most up to date information about your oral health into our system for safe-keeping. If you need anything during your appointment, please feel free to ask any of us because we will always be happy assist you!

Royal Crest Dentistry - Markham

Meet our Front Desk

Hi! I am Ann and I have been with Royal Crest Dentistry for over 30 years! You can count on me to schedule your appointments (either by phone, e-mail or text) and you can expect me to greet you with a warm and friendly smile when you arrive at the office. If at any time you have any dental insurance-related questions, I will be happy to help. After your visit, I will be collecting your payment and providing you with any information that you might need.

Hi! I am Ushna and as you enter the office I will be taking your temperature and confirming that you have completed your COVID forms. Please sanitize your hands upon entering and make sure to maintain 2m of social distancing during your visit. After your visit, I will work with you to create your next appointment.

Accepting New Patients

At Royal Crest Dentistry, we are committed to providing excellent dental care in a comfortable and relaxed setting. We are now accepting new patients and we invite you to contact us to book your first appointment.

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Royal Crest Dentistry - Markham

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